Master Meeting with Jeff Liker,
Volvo Cars and Rejmes Bil

Service Excellence

The Way to a World-Class Service Organisation

Jeff LikerProfessor Jeffrey K. Liker

In his latest book, Professor Jeff Liker, the world’s leading authority in Lean, shows how companies can achieve Service Excellence.

One of the cases in the book is the Swedish Volvo dealer Rejmes in Halland.

We would therefore like to welcome you to Laholm in March, where you can see first-hand what Rejmes has done to transform a mediocre performer into a world-class service organisation and hear how Jeff Liker puts the transformation into a broader context for Service Excellence.

This is a unique opportunity to hear Jeff Liker and see a fascinating journey to Service Excellence first-hand.

Meet Jeff Liker and Einar Gudmundsson

Jeff Liker - Toyota Way to Service Excellence

Jeff Liker is a professor at the University of Michigan and is known as a world leader in research and interpretation of the approach that has made Toyota one of the most successful companies in the world.

He is the author of The Toyota Way, which has sold over 850,000 copies. His latest book came out in November and is called The Toyota Way to Service Excellence.

This Master Meeting will be led by Jeff Liker together with Einar Gudmundsson, CEO of Rejmes.

Einar Gudmundsson is a highly regarded speaker, who with his personal examples will challenge you to take your operations, your leadership, and your thinking to a new level.

Einar Gudmundsson
Einar Gudmundsson, CEO of Rejmes Bil. He was previously Vice President of Volvo Cars.


The day is being organised by Lean Competence and Logistikföreningen Plan in cooperation with Rejmes Bil and Volvo Cars.



Why should I participate?

This Master Meeting is a unique opportunity to see Jeff Liker and hear him put the message in the context of one of the cases in the book.

The day is perfect for individuals who want to learn from those at the cutting edge of Service Excellence, regardless of industry. No prior knowledge of Lean is required. It is also suitable for individuals who have a good understanding of Lean since you will get to hear Liker’s reinterpretation and developed understanding of what Lean means and how transformation into Service Excellence can be driven.

  1. Learn what it means. You will gain insight into a complete model for service development that is based on research of successful examples from all kinds of industries, such as software development (Menlo), airlines, delis and management consultants.
  2. Learn how to go about it: You will see an approach that is honest about difficulties, but still provides practical advice on how you how you and your team can lead the transformation into Service Excellence.
  3. Learn how to maintain the change and continue development: You will get to hear the hard-won lessons learned about the hardest part, i.e. how leaders and employees can continue learning on a daily basis as they strive to achieve their vision of Service Excellence.

All practical details

Location: We will be at Rejmes Bil at Industrigatan 6 in Laholm, southern Sweden.

Time: 15 March 2017. Coffee and sandwiches from 8:00. Start at 8:30. End by no later than 16:30.

Pris: SEK 6,800 excl. VAT.

Språk: English.

Questions? Talk to Rikard Sjöström,, +46707952929.


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