Master Meeting with Dr. Jeffrey Liker

Develop Lean leaders
and use Toyota Kata to
change leadership behavior

Stockholm, November 16, 2015

Jeff Liker

This Master Meeting brings the world authority on lean thinking, Dr. Jeffrey Liker, to you to share his newest insights on how to develop lean leaders.

Lean leadership is essential for organizations wanting to sustain their lean management efforts. In this seminar you will learn how to lead yourself and the people around you to become lean leaders.

Dr. Liker will use his deep knowledge of the Toyota Way to show how to build leaders that succeed in changing themselves to lead, teach, and coach on the long-term journey towards continuous improvement.

Dr. Liker teaches that if you really want to get lean, you need a dedication to self-development at the leadership level.

Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker

Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker is Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan and President of Liker Lean Advisors. Based on 30 years association with Toyota, Liker is recognized globally as the world’s leading authority outside Toyota on the study of The Toyota Way and Lean thinking.

Jeff Liker Master Meeting Toyota Way to Lean Leadership

Dr. Liker will bring together the principles of the Toyota Way with the practical leadership needed to achieve it, and show how Kata both unleashes the creativity and sustain the changed behaviors.

He is author of the international best-seller, The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer, 2004 (26 languages, over 850,000 copies sold), and has coauthored seven other books about Toyota including Toyota Culture and The Toyota Product Development System.

His most recent books are The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership (2011) and Developing Lean Leaders at all Levels: A Practical Guide (2014). His articles and books have won eleven Shingo Prizes for Research Excellence. In 2012 he was inducted into the Association of Manufacturing Excellence Hall of Fame.

Jeff Liker Master Meeting Toyota Way to Lean Leadership

Dr. Liker will bring together the principles of the Toyota Way with the practical leadership needed to achieve it, and show how Kata both unleashes the creativity and sustain the changed behaviors.

In this Master Meeting, Dr. Liker will be joined by Pia Anhede and Joakim Hillberg, who have worked with lean over 20 years each in a wide range of industries in over 15 countries worldwide.

Pia Anhede

Pia Anhede and Joakim Hillberg are acknowledged leaders in the areas of lean transformation and creating systems of continuous improvement with sustainable results. Their main focus is building capability of their clients, by integrated training, implementation and coaching. Working in a broad range of industries both in manufacturing and service, they have been involved in a many large scale improvements in over 15 countries. Both has extensive training in improvement tools and methods from both Japanese experts (JMAC, Shingijutsu, Gemba Research and at Toyota) and Global Lean experts since over 20 years.

Joakim Hillberg

Their clients have included Tetra Pak (Swedish Lean Prize Winner 2014), SKF, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Gambro (Swedish Lean Prize Winner 2013), IKEA, Scania, Swedish Television, Skåne University Hospital. They have written numerous articles, co-written books and developed and run numerous on-the-job workshop trainings of both top management and shop floor personnel. Furthermore they have developed and delivered different Lean management games (Lean Production, Supply Chain, Lean Knowledge Builder and Lean Development) and trained people and organizations in more than 10 countries.

Why should I attend?

This Master Meeting will bring together the key enablers for you to develop lean leaders at all levels. You will

  1. Learn the meaning: Understand lean leadership as teaching and coaching towards continuous improvement.
  2. Learn how to do it: Understand what you and your team will need to change in your current roles, to succesfully lead a lean transformation.
  3. Learn how to keep and evolve it: Understand how to create management systems that engage team members at all levels in rigorous problem solving and continuous improvement.


Overview of the 4-stage model for Toyota Way to Lean Leadership and Toyota Kata.

Stage 1: Self-development as a lean leader

  • What is a lean leader?
  • How to develop yourself to become a lean leader
  • Self-development learning cycles
  • Leaders as masters of systematic improvement
  • Developing the habit of daily improvement through practice routines (Kata)
  • Simulation to understand the Improvement Kata

Stage 2: Coach and develop others

  • How to use on-the-job development to teach the skills
  • How to coach and develop others
  • Practice routines (Kata) to make daily coaching a habit
  • Examples of effective coaching through questioning
  • Simulation (continued) to understand the Coaching kata

Stage 3:  Support daily Kaizen in work groups

  • The role of work groups in continuous improvement
  • The organizational structure dilemna (flat versus deep)
  • Standard work and visual management as core tools for work group effectiveness
  • Bringing lean leadership to work groups
  • Continuous improvement at the heart
  • Cases on how Kata is integrated in daily working procedures in work groups

Stage 4:  Create vision and align goals through Hoshin Kanri

  • What is Hoshin Kanri at Toyota?
  • Aligning people horizontally and vertically toward clear company objectives
  • Philosophy of Hoshin Kanri
  • How Hoshin Kanri supports Kata development
  • Deploying the Kata to develop leadership at all levels
  • Lessons learned on developing aligned leadership using the Kata

Practical details

Date and time: November 16, 2015. Coffee is served from 8.30am. The Master meeting starts at 9.00am and ends at 5.00pm.

Location: Central Stockholm, conference venue Piperska Muren, street address Scheelegatan 14.

Price: SEK 6800 if you book after September 8. All prices are excluding 25% value-added tax.

Language: English.

More information: Rikard Sjöström,, +46707952929.

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