Pre-Conference Day | September 16

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The pre-conference day is an optional day that give you opportunities to visit best in class companies and to learn through engaging workshops and games.


Full Day Parallel Sessions—Choose One


Study visit to Scania and practical training at KTH Pedal Go-Kart Factory

On this study visit you will see how we at Scania train and support our employees to execute, improve and perform. Over the years, we have developed and improved our training to be more hands-on and performed as on-the-job training, both for operators and managers. We will share our experiences from two perspectives:

  • Operator’s training – focus on execution and improvement.
  • Leadership training – focus on lean leadership which starts with stand and see and focus on leadership that make functional managers understand flow and what is hindering flow (control systems, budgets, etc).

The KTH Pedal Go-Kart Factory simulates a full-scale assembly line as a fun way to see and learn lean principles in a new way.

  • Flow, takt and deviations.
  • Andon. Ask for and get help.
  • The importance of learning.
  • Leading the change.

Study visit to Scania


Expanding Toyota Kata Towards Hoshin Kanri: Make Effective Target Conditions and Connect Them With the Rest of the Organization.
Venue: Hotel Scandic Skogshöjd

Emiel van Est, Toyota Kata Ambassador, Lean Management Teachers, The Netherlands
Nienke van Berkum, Lean Management advisor, Clear Key Points, The Netherlands

In this workshop you will learn a powerful and generic format for making target conditions, that can be applied in many environments and situations, also outside traditional manufacturing. You will learn how to use this new format and how to connect the target conditions with other areas of the organization. This can be used an effective and simple approach to introduce Hoshin Kanri. By attending this workshop your effectiveness as a kata coach will improve, since that effectiveness depends quite a bit on the quality of the target condition.

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Change Management — A Challenging Simulation Based on Extensive Research from INSEAD.
Venue: Hotel Scandic Skogshöjd

Joakim Hillberg

Research and practice show that the majority of change programs fail to be implemented as planned. One of the common explanations is that managers lack the needed change managemet skills. This simulation is a multimedia learning tool that gives the participants the mission to implement a major change in a simulated organization. The simulation is developed by Dr. Albert A Angehrn, Director at The Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies at INSEAD, and is successfully used at top universities and by major corporations and organizations worldwide.

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Lean Service Game.
Venue: Hotel Scandic Skogshöjd

Per Englund and Klaes Alpsten

The Lean Service Game gives a discovery-based journey of Lean principles within service and administration. Playing the game reinforces the key principles of Lean, challenging the participants to take the initiative and implement continuous and sometimes radical improvements of their workplace. As a result of playing the game, the participants will be familiar with the following principles:

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