Conference Day 1 | September 17

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Venue: Södertälje stadshus (City Hall), street address Campusgatan 26

On Conference day 1 you will listen to world-class keynote speakers and learn interactive lean games.


Constantin May
Joakim Hillberg

Welcome to ELEC 2015

Prof. Dr. Constantin May, Conference Chair
Joakim Hillberg, Conference Host

  • What is the Lean Paradigm?
  • Why focus on Lean Education and Training?


You want to do it, you can do it, and you fail

Simon Elvnäs, Ph D candidate at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
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  • How can a leader become aware of his or her own behaviors and see the potential for improvement?
  • Which leadership behaviors create direct positive effects?
  • How can we work with behaviors and real data as tools to develop the performance, motivation and innovation of both leaders and employees?

Simon Elvnäs




The Challenge of Teaching Scientific Thinking: Kata in the Classroom

Mike Rother
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We can't accurately predict the future, so it's a good idea to teach how to develop solutions rather than just the Lean solutions we know of today. Such 'meta skills' are portable across different environments and can remain valuable over a student's lifetime. The scientific pattern of the Improvement Kata (IK) is a good example and is expanding to classrooms around the world. Mike's talk will include a description of a simple classroom exercise to train scientific thinking. More information at

Mike Rother




John Bicheno
Joakim Hillberg
Pia Anhede

Practical Lean Simulation and Reflection

John Bicheno, Pia Anhede and Joakim Hillberg
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Games and simulations are powerful ways to create learning. John, Pia and Joakim will run some simple and educational games that you can bring home and use in your organisation.


Action Research to Improve the Lean Training Process

Dave Brunt, Chief Executive of the Lean Enterprise Academy, the UK affiliate of the Lean Global Network
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  • How has the way we educate changed over the 16 years we’ve worked in this sector? What have we learned?
  • How have we built this learning into education at Halfway Toyota? What was different?
  • What are the implications for Lean implementations?

Dave Brunt




Lean Product Development: Lean Education for Engineers and Cross-Functions who are Close to Research and Development

Mareike Heinzen, Prof. Dr., Hochschule Koblenz, Deutschland
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  • Why is Lean Education in engineering different and so important?
  • How can we visualize knowledge, information or ideas?
  • How can we persuade engineers or scientists to engage in lean thinking?
  • Lean, Six Sigma, TQM, many concepts. Engineers love to understand the idea behind it.

Mareike Heinzen


How Scania train to support employees to execute, improve and perform

Martin Lyckström, Head of HR Office at Scania
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Scania Production System (SPS) is widely known as one of the best production systems in the world. A key to the success has been the strategy for involving and training all the employees. Martin will show how they have developed, executed and improved the strategy in the production for many years, and how they have used these experiences to train people in support functions, such as HR.



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